5 Reasons to Choose Art & Soul Music

Art & Soul Music Studios is an education-based company. We pride ourselves on offering quality arts enrichment classes. See more about our philosophy here.

1. Convenience

Whether taking lessons at the Santa Rosa School or at your school, Art & Soul Music Studios offers a variety of lessons and classes for your child. For lessons and classes at your school, there is no need to pick up your child from school, drive them to a music or dance studio, wait around for 30 or 45 minutes and pick them up again to drive home.  Lessons and classes take place right on your campus. Our staff will arrange to pick up your child from their classroom or after school care and walk them back after the lesson or class is over. You do not need to pick up your child until after the lesson or class or at the end of the day. If we don't offer private music lessons at your school, we will come to directly your house. At the Santa Rosa School, we are your one-stop-arts shopping! We offer a wide variety of enrichment classes for all ages and levels in one location.

2. Take lessons from Music, Art, Dance, Yoga and Drama Instructors, not just "artists"

Being a fantastic musician does not make someone a fantastic music teacher. The same can be said for Art, Dance, Yoga or Drama. Teaching is an art unto itself. Students learn in very different ways, and therefore instructors must be able to communicate their lesson in many different ways. We hire passionate artists who love to teach and inspire. Most of our staff are performing musicians, artists, dancers and thespians as well as skilled instructors.

3. Experience

Art & Soul Music Studios began in 2002. Since then, Art & Soul Music Studios' programs have been offered at over 50 schools in the SF Bay Area. Started by an art teacher and a music teacher, the philosophy of "teaching" runs from the top down. The owners personally hire each instructor to best fit the needs of the student and school. Many of our instructors have a teaching credential and/or hold a Master's Degree in their genre of the Arts.

4. Many Options

At most of our schools, we offer a variety of Arts Enrichment classes throughout the year. Classes run year round according to your school's schedule, from music to yoga, to dance to art. Your child is bound to find something inspiring to take each session. Our Santa Rosa School is open year round with replica handbags classes that you can join at anytime!

5. All Inclusive Fees

Whether you are taking music lessons, art classes or any other clases we offer, your yearly registration fee covers all your books, materials and supplies. You will not have to pay for any additional materials. When your child moves up to the next level, those materials are included as well! 



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